About New Mexico

The State of New Mexico

New Mexico is known as the Land of Enchantment. It is the fifth-largest state in the nation and one of the least populated. New Mexico has friendly people with and unparalleled diversity of traditions and cultures.

New Mexico has an outstanding climate with an average of 260 days of sunshine per year, six of the seven climatic zones are represented here, from desert to arctic/alpine. The mountains are a year round playground for hiking, climbing and skiing and our rivers and lakes are great for fishing, boating, water-skiing and thrilling white-water rafting.

The metropolitan areas offer all the modern amenities as well as cultural events such as the world famous Santa Fe Opera and the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, home of the Hot Air Balloon Capitol of the World.

New Mexico has over 95 medical sites, 40 dental locations and 17 school-based clinics across the state.

New Mexico offers world-class scientific and technological resources, and superior air travel, rail and state highway systems.

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The Top Ten Reasons
to Consider New Mexico

  1. Work/Life Balance
  2. Good Peers
  3. Loan Repayment and loan for service programs
  4. Lifestyle experience/cultural amenities
  5. Family friendly communities
  6. Lower Cost of Living
  7. Wild West diversity of geography and people
  8. Climate-ski in the morning and golf in the afternoon
  9. Red and Green chile
  10. Minimal hassle placement assistance