General Overview of the NM Program

The New Mexico J1 Visa (Conrad State 30) Waiver Program is administered by the New Mexico Department of Health, Public Health Division, Bureau of Primary Care. It has contracted with NMHR to assist only in the recruitment phase of the program, with emphasis upon Family Practice opportunities.

For applications and general information, contact

Melanie J. Keams, MPA, BSHA 
Program Coordinator
Office of Primary Care & Rural Health
Population and Community Health Bureau
Public Health Division

or visit NMDOH’s J1 information page.

Here is the 2022 NM J-1 Waiver Application Requirements Form.

NMHR surveys eligible primary care and rural health facilities quarterly to determine actual vacant positions. Our emphasis in recruitment is upon primary care, with special attention to Family Practice and Family Practice with OB.

The best way to contact NMHR recruitment staff is to email nmhealth@nmhr.orgor call 505-260-0993.

NMHR does not administer any paperwork for the program, but will assist those physicians with firm employment offers with the appropriate state agency. Also, NMHR is not involved with federal programs, e.g., USDA, which also facilitate J1 Visa waiver programs. For further information at the national level, please refer to the information on the homepage of the National Rural Recruitment and Retention Network.