Post Conference Evaluation – 2019

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Evaluation Form 2019

Evaluation Form 2019

May 31 - June 1, Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort, Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico

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Friday, May 31, 2019

A. 8:00am - Why Normal Still Isn't Healthy

A. Attended this session *
Participants will see: how to have a healthier relationship with themselves instead of being their own worst enemies:
• how to have healthier relationships with others without those folks changing
• how to get better at what they do because we can all get better and help others do the same
• how can we have more fun getting better
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B. 9:00am - Clinician Burnout & Resiliency

B. Attended this Session *
• that attendees understand burnout as a public health problem
• that attendees recognize resources available to them to reduce burnout
• that attendees practice skills and tools to build professional fulfillment and decrease burnout
Were the objectives met?

C. 10:30am - HPV/Oropharyngeal-Cancer

C.Attended this Session *
• State the most common oropharyngeal site(s) for HPV associated cancer.
• Discuss the broad differences between HPV associated and non-associated oropharyngeal cancers.
• Identify the most common symptoms and treatment modalities for HPV related/p16+ oropharyngeal cancers
Were the objectives met?

D. 10:00am - HIPAA Training

D. Attended this Session *
• Participants will understand how HIPAA is essential to their job.
• Participants will know definition of HIPAA and PHI.
• Participants will learn at least 3 instances of HIPAA violation.
Were the objectives met?

E. 1:00pm - Forensic Dentistry

E. Attended this Session *
• Understand the role of the forensic odontologist including identification of the deceased, age assessment, bitemark analysis and civil litigation.
• Recognize signs and symptoms of abuse.
• Understand the importance of dental records in forensic cases.
Were the objectives met?

F. 1:00pm – In Office Management of Urinary Incontinence

F. Attended this Session *
• To describe the pathophysiology and epidemiology of female urinary incontinence
• To review behavioral interventions and life style modifications for the treatment urinary incontinence
• To review the pharmacotherapy option for urinary incontinence
Were the objectives met?

G. 1:00pm – Cardiovascular Disease & Diabetes-Making the Connection

G. Attended this Session *
• Have the audience learn more about heart disease and diabetes in general, including its risk factors, prevention/management strategies, and what the New Mexico Department of Health is currently working on to address these chronic diseases.
• Identify and discuss the intersect between heart disease and diabetes, including shared risk factors and common prevention/management strategies.
• Discuss the importance of self-measured blood pressure monitoring and its benefits for those with high blood pressure.
Were the objectives met?

H. 2:00pm – Cultural Competence in Health Care & Women of Color

H. Attended this Session *
• Define optimal health and women of color
• Explain the role of cultural competency in addressing health disparities and the care of racial/ethnic and vulnerable women populations.
• Explain why examples of culturally competent approaches are relevant to healthcare concerns
Were the objectives met?

I. 3:30pm This is Your Mouth on Drugs: Illicity Substance Abuse

I. Attended this Session *
• Identify the most common legal and illicit medications and substances and how they are used.
• Recognize the main orofacial and dental side effects of these substances.
• Be familiar with the key dental treatment considerations for managing patients with substance abuse disorders.

Were the objectives met?

J. 3:30pm – Medication Assisted Treatment, Opiate Dependency

J. Attended this Session *
• Understanding the basic medical assisted treatment options for opiate dependency
• Understanding the importance of a medical assisted treatment program in rural Northern New Mexico
• Understanding the challenges related to treatment options and access to patients in rural communities in Northern New Mexico
Were the objectives met?

K. 3:30pm – QPR Gatekeeper: Suicide Prevention

K. Attended this Session *
• Participants will be able to list the risk factors of suicide
• Participants will be able to list the warning signs of suicide
• Participants will be competent in the prevention techniques and have access to local and national resources
Were the objectives met?

Saturday, Jun 1, 2019

L. 8:00am – The CARA Safe Plan (Coordinated Approaches for the Care of Women with Substance use in Pregnancy)

L. Attended this Session *
• Key changes that CARA makes in the CAPTA laws.
• Name the three strategies in the NM Approach.
• Name a ‘best practice’ in coordinating care for pregnant women.
Were the objectives met?

M. 9:30am – Pitfalls of Sedation

M. Attended this Session *
• Discuss airway partial/potential complete loss of protective reflexes
• Reasons for Moderate Sedation failure
• Discuss patients with unconventional stress responses, i.e. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder/HIV, and why sedations fail.
Were the objectives met?

N. 9:30am – Pain Addiction and Suffering: How to Tell the Difference

N. Attended this Session *
• Learners will understand the appropriate approach to pain
• Learners will understand how to identify addiction
• Learners will understand how to distinguish suffering from pain and addiction
Were the objectives met?

O. 9:30am – Effects of Social Media on Teens

O. Attended this Session *
• Participants will be able to classify the beneficial and detrimental effects of social media
• Participants will discuss the beneficial and detrimental effects of social media and how it relates to their practices
• Participants will generate two strategies for positive use of social media in their schools or communities
Were the objectives met?

P. 10:45am – Current Concepts in Preventive Analgesia for Dental Procedures

P. Attended this Session *
• Review of preoperative, intraoperative analgesic strategies to reduce postoperative pain
• Opioid sparing post operative pain protocols.
• An understanding of the pharmacology and risks Opioids.
• Review of pharmacology and side effects Non-Narcotic analgesics.
Were the objectives met?

Q. 10:45am – Abnormal Uterine Bleeding Work Up and Evaluation

Q. Attended this Session *
• Review common causes of abnormal uterine bleeding
• Review steps of evaluation of abnormal uterine bleeding
• Review treatment options of abnormal uterine bleeding
Were the objectives met?

R. 10:45am – Breathing Easy: Asthma

R. Attended this Session *
• Participants will learn asthma basics including physiology and symptoms.
• Participants will gain awareness of the triggers that provoke asthma symptoms.
• Participants will learn how the Asthma Control Test and Asthma Action Plan are used.
Were the objectives met?

S. 1:00pm – CBCT & Diagnosis in Dentistry

S. Attended this Session *
• Identify indications for CBCT assessment
• Identify scope of diagnosis of CBCT data
• Identify limitations of CBCT data
Were the objectives met?

T. 1:00pm – Going Green: Navigation Medical Cannabis with Confidence

T. Attended this Session *
• Identify patients who may benefit from medical cannabis and who would qualify for certification for medical use in New Mexico.
• Successfully navigate the process of certification for a medical cannabis card.
• Educate patients (and peers) about the evidence for the safety and efficacy of medical cannabis as well as the limitations of our current knowledge.
Were the objectives met?

U. 1:00PM – The Difference Between Bullying & Peer Conflict

U. Attended this Session *
• Participants will be able to list the characteristics of peer conflict
• Participants will be able to list the characteristics of bullying
• Participants will be able to identify ways to respond to peer conflict and bullying in their schools
Were the objectives met?

V. 2:00PM – OPMD-New Mexico’s Family Curse

V. Attended this Session *
• -review the incidence and prevalence of OPMD
• -characterize the clinical, genetic and demographic features of OPMD
• -review resources for patients for OPMD in New Mexico
Were the objectives met?

Overall Objective

Was the overall objective of enhancing the skills and knowledge of healthcare providers on the various administrative, medical, community health worker and dental topics met?

Using the following scale, please provide your rating:

1 = Not at all satisfied
2 = Somewhat satisfied
3 = Almost completely satisfied
4 = Completely satisfied

Did you feel there was any commercial bias in the educational presentations of this Retreat?
Did you think the Retreat fee was commensurate with the educational value of the Retreat?